The Blog: Exempt v. Non-Exempt

2016 California Minimum Wage Increase – Give Your Exempt Employees a Raise, Again!

California’s minimum wage rises to $10 per hour starting January 1, 2016. Once again, California employers must gear up for pay raises, not just for employees paid on an hourly basis at minimum wage, but also for exempt employees. We explained why this is the case two years ago when California’s minimum wage last rose. The lesson is important, so we’ll adjust the …

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Avoid “Off The Clock” Claims Through Written Policies

An “off the clock” claim occurs when the employee claims more time worked that what appears on their daily time record. The time records show one thing but the employee claims they worked more hours. Sometimes those “off the clock” hours result in an overtime claim.

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Paying A Salary Does Not Make Someone Exempt

A common misconception is paying an employee a salary makes them “exempt” from payment of overtime.  I bet at least half of you reading this are saying, “what, you mean that’s not the case?”
That’s right, it’s not.  While paying a salary is required, there is also a duties test (and other requirements) that has to be met for each of …

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