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These days employees feel “entitled.” As an employer you need legal tools and advice to maintain control over your workplace without getting sued. Our attorneys focus on employment and labor law. Whether you have a bad apple employee, need day-to-day HR legal advice, or need immediate aggressive lawsuit defense, our lawyers are here to help. We live employment and labor law and use that passion and our experience to keep you out of trouble.

Legal Protection For Employers

We represent employers only. Like you, we believe “sue-happy” employees are a big concern. If you are looking for an attorney to avoid employee legal issues or have been sued and need immediate representation, you’ve come to the right place. We have experienced and knowledgeable lawyers to help you stay lawsuit free and to defend you if you are sued.

The problem for employers is finding an attorney experienced and knowledgeable in employment and labor law at a reasonable price. Traditionally, legal services are billed by the hour. Many law firms charge high hourly rates, easily $400-500+ an hour for an experienced lawyer, and focus on large employers like the Fortune 5000. Read More

Flat Monthly Fee Legal Services

Traditional law firms bill by the hour. But who wants to pay $500, $600 or even $700+ per hour? Businesses, including the Fortune 500, hate it. At those rates many businesses forgo sorely needed legal advice and end up paying more in the long run or worse, going out of business as a result of a catastrophic employee lawsuit.

At Vision Law® we have solved this problem.

Our patented1, 2 monthly flat rate programs are the “alternative” to the traditional billable hour. For an affordable monthly flat fee you have access to legal advice and help so your employee headache doesn’t turn into a lawsuit. Read More

Share In The Risk Litigation Defense Program

If your employee or former employee sues you, we do something most other law firms don’t. We “share in your risk.” This means when we defend your business against an employee lawsuit we only get paid our full fee if we “win” your case. If we “lose,” we take a pay cut… up to a 40% pay cut.

Unlike most other law firms, our interests are aligned with yours. Most litigation law firms charge an hourly rate and expect to be paid irrespective of results. After all, it’s not their problem, it’s yours. The more time they spend defending the matter, the more legal fees you have to pay (. . . and the more money they make). But without sharing in any risk there is no incentive to be efficient, to accurately assess your case for early reasonable settlement, or to effectively evaluate the “cost-benefit” of any legal work or procedure performed. Read More

Human Resource Set-up / Tune-up

Set up or review your human resources policies and practices for legal compliance. Simple and effective, handled by lawyers, not non-lawyer consultants. Backed by attorneys who provide day-to-day advice and counsel after implementation and who will defend your company in the event of an employee lawsuit. Read More

Free Employment Law Resources

As a small/medium business owner or manager you don’t have time to keep tabs on all the employment and labor laws. After all you’re not a lawyer. And you have other things to do, like run your business.

To help simplify things we have created a handful of reports to help you understand your legal obligations. With knowledge you can avoid stepping into an otherwise avoidable legal situation. Read More

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