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Results Oriented Representation

  • Clients pay us to achieve their goals and objectives, not ours. Vision attorneys focus on and obtain the client’s desired goals/objectives.

Creative Representation

  • Very outside the box thinking to achieve the desired client result through law or business principles or both.

Timely Representation

  • We strive to respond to client inbound communications within ½ business day or less. We meet client deadlines and immediately apprise the client upon determining the deadline is in jeopardy.

Friendly Representation

  • Legal problems are serious, but we like to keep our advice and demeanor friendly. We’re your trusted advisors and colleagues, on your team and in your “back pocket.”

Plain English Representation

  • We communicate legal answers in plain English.

High Value Representation

  • Clients understand that their money is more important to them then making their lawyers rich.

Efficient Representation

  • Cost/Benefit will drive our selection of strategic alternatives based on desired outcomes.

Serendipitous Representation

  • We will call clients when they are not expecting us to check how they are doing and to offer to take them out for a free lunch.

High Maintenance Representation

  • We are proactive. We keep our clients in the loop, we communicate constantly to keep you apprised of what’s going on, so we can meet your expectations and minimize surprises.

Client Core Values

  1. Client satisfaction comes before money or profit.
  2. We will act in an ethical, loyal, honest, trustworthy and professional manner to and when representing our clients.
  3. We will decline and if necessary fire clients who do not act in accordance with the same values listed in 2.
  4. Fortune 500 quality representation of our clients is promised and shall be delivered.
  5. Client work comes first so Vision Lawyers will be organized and plan accordingly to avoid having to make sacrifices on personal and family time or to make like demands on our clients

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