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As a small/medium business owner or manager you don’t have time to keep tabs on all the employment and labor laws. After all you’re not a lawyer. And you have other things to do, like run your business.

To help simplify things we have created a handful of reports to help you understand your legal obligations. With knowledge you can avoid stepping into an otherwise avoidable legal situation.

Small/Medium Business Cheat “Sheet” On Employment Law This report is designed as an overview of California employment and labor law organized by the employee “life-cycle,” i.e. from pre-hire through termination, and everything in between. Download
Top 10 Employee Lawsuits And How To Avoid Them This report identifies the top 10 employee issues/claims we encounter most often, explains the law and offers tips on how to avoid violating the law and, therefore, avoid employee lawsuits. Download
Avoid Wiping Out Your Small Business From A Wage & Hour Class Action Lawsuit This report covers common wage and hour (California Labor Code and FLSA) pitfalls like exempt versus non-exempt status, maintaining accurate time records, payment of wages, overtime, rest/meal periods, and how to avoid them so they don’t become the basis for a class action lawsuit. Download
Avoid Sexual Harassment Liability Through Effective Policies and Training This report discusses sexual harassment law and how to reduce the risk of liability from unlawful harassment of employees by their coworkers and supervisors. Download

We also offer some practical tips on things like:

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