Employer Attorneys

At Vision Law® Corporation, we believe that California business owners should not have to worry about employee claims or lawsuits. So we have created a simple, common-sense approach to preventing legal challenges and liabilities for your business that’s actually affordable, and won’t get in the way of what’s most important to you – growing your business. We believe it is one of the most innovative legal protection programs ever created for California small and medium businesses.  We call it the Predictable Fees Program.

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Been sued or have questions about any topic below?  Our seasoned employment defense attorneys can help.

  • Class Action and PAGA Lawsuit Defense
  • Wage and Hour Law (preventive advice and litigation defense)
    • Rest and Meal Period Penalty Defense
    • Minimum Wage and Overtime Violations Defense
    • Misclassification of Exempt Status Defense
    • Pay Stub Violations Defense
    • Waiting Time Penalties Defense
  • Labor Commissioner Claims Defense
  • Human Resources Help
  • Disability and Medical Leaves of Absence Advice and Claims Defense
  • Retaliation and Whistle Blowing Lawsuit Defense
  • Wrongful Termination, Discrimination and Harassment Defense
  • Independent Contractor Status Advice and Misclassification Defense
  • Trade Secrets Protection and Unfair Competition
  • DLSE and EDD Audits (Independent Contractor Status)
  • Defamation

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