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Employee handbooks should maximize your rights as an employer. It should clearly state your rules and policies. Properly drafted employee handbooks reduce risk of employee lawsuits. These day’s we believe every employer should have one. Without it, the employer is exposed to unnecessary risks.

Vision Law® creates custom employee handbooks for its employer clients. “Custom” need not be unaffordable. We price our custom employee handbook on a flat rate basis normally between $1,500 – $1,800 depending on the circumstances. Compared to a six figure employee wage and hour lawsuit or other legal claim and the investment is worth it. This includes an initial consultation so we can determine which policies apply to your business and customize them.

A sample of the policies that are included in Vision Law®’s custom employee handbook:

  • At-Will employment, integrated at-will statement (to enforce at will right to terminate employees)
  • Equal employment opportunity (to protect against discrimination claims)
  • Disability accommodation (to protect against disability failure to accommodate claims)
  • Prohibited Harassment (to protect against unlawful harassment claims)
  • Workplace Injuries/Illness (required by OSHA law)
  • Workplace Violence (to place employees on notice violence in the workplace will not be tolerated)
  • Wage and Hour
  • Accurate Time Keeping (key to avoiding wage claims/working off the clock claims, etc.)
  • Overtime (to comply with California overtime/double time law)
  • Rest Periods (to comply with the law under California Supreme Court case Brinker)
  • Meal Periods (to comply with the law under California Supreme Court case Brinker)
  • Recovery Periods
  • Break Time for Lactation (required by law)
  • Punctuality and Attendance (particularly in light of California Paid Sick Leave Law)
  • Employee Benefits
  • Vacation or Paid Time Off (especially as they relate to California Paid Sick Leave Law)
  • Paid (or unpaid) Holidays
  • Group Health and other insurance
  • Leaves of Absence (all of which are required by law depending on your employee count)
  • Standards of Conduct
  • Dress/Uniform Standards
  • Prohibited Conduct
  • Conflicts of Interest
  • Drug and Alcohol/Drug Free Workplace Policy
  • Acknowledgment (to prove receipt, understanding and agreement to follow the handbook rules/policies)

A well drafted employee handbook that complies with California law is your best tool (other than sound legal advice) for managing employees within the law. It is also your best defense against certain types of claims if you get sued.

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