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As a California business owner or manager, you should not have to worry about employee claims or lawsuits. We help your business reduce its employee lawsuit risk by preventing employee problems in the first place. Priority access to seasoned legal advice on a host of common employment law issues like independent contractor status, payment of wages, overtime, rest and meal periods, sexual harassment, employee discipline and termination, leaves, benefits, unemployment insurance, regulatory compliance, FMLA, FLSA and more is just a phone call away.

Vision Law® Corporation HR Legal Services

HR Legal Advice at a Fixed Monthly Fee

We offer “UNLIMITED” legal advice1 for $299/month. Specific services include:
  • Access to Fortune 500 quality HR legal counsel with a half business day response guarantee
  • HR legal strategies from experienced attorneys to prevent employee headaches and lawsuits
  • Review of and feedback on employment and labor legal documents
  • Plus a litigation defense program to back up our advice
  • Allowing you to sleep well at night
Discounted HR Legal Templates & Documents Need help with an employee handbook or legal templates? Vision Law® has many different employment related documents available, and we will help customize them for your business’ needs. Immediate Legal Defense for Employee Lawsuits If you have been sued we can help. Call us now at (855) 534-5948 because time is usually of the essence. Human Resources Set-up / Tune Up Experience lawyers will set up or review your human resources policies and practices for legal compliance. Don’t Wait For An Employee Problem! | Contact Us Now! | More About Vision Law® » Other common labor problems Vision Law® can help you avoid (or extricate your business from):
  • Misclassification of Independent Contractors
  • Overtime, Rest/Meal Period and Late Payment of Wages Claims
  • Misclassification of Exempt (Versus Non-Exempt) Employees
  • Discrimination Claims
  • Retaliation Claims
  • Defamation Claims
  • Leave of Absence Related Claims
  • Harassment Claims
  • Breach of Contract Claims Violation of Leave Laws
  • Trade Secret Misappropriation and Unfair Competition Claims
  • Class Actions & Business & Professions Code 17200 Actions
  • Wrongful Termination & Whistle Blowing Claims
  • Invasion of Privacy and Drug Testing Claims
When you contact us we will also provide you with a free Bonus Report of the “Top 10 Preventable Employment Lawsuits.” 1Exclusions/limitations on scope of legal subject matter, types of legal services and on “excess use” apply. The Predictable Fees Program® program is intended to be an “unlimited” preventive advice program. However in order to protect against “excessive use,” Vision Law® reserves the right to “look back” over any consecutive three month period and to bill for “excess usage.” Please see written Predictable Fees Program® Agreement or ask us for details.
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