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Preventing Employee Lawsuits

Avoid them in the first place

We know that dealing with employee issues is your least favorite activity in managing your business. We also know it’s one of your greatest concerns and sometimes keeps you up at night.

A simple employment law matter can grow into a major headache. Our attorneys provide legal advice to prevent employee legal problems. The name of the game is prevention. Because once you’re sued, you’ve already lost.

We help you avoid employee lawsuits by knowing the law so you don’t have to, by assisting with employee policies and procedures, and by providing sound timely advice on employee management and employee problems before they turn into employee lawsuits.

A Problem Can Arise From Anywhere

Your employee who feels he was wrongfully terminated may feel justified in walking off with your customer list. Your manager’s colorful language and teasing can result in a hostile work environment. Misclassification of exempt employees can lead to an overtime claim for hundreds of thousands of dollars. We could go on and on.

You can avoid these and other serious employment law issues by seeking sound advice from an experienced employment and labor lawyer. That’s why we’ve created our monthly flat rate advice programs. Our attorneys have extensive experience in employment and labor law and in dealing with employee problems. We work closely with you so you comply with California and federal employment law and prevent employee lawsuits in the first place.

If you are sued, our lawyers will provide you aggressive results oriented litigation defense. If your small/medium business has implemented appropriate policies and procedures and obtained proper legal advice, you will be in the best position to win as soon as possible with the least overall cost. Download our complimentary report “Top Ten Employee Lawsuits and How to Prevent Them.”