Protecting Intellectual Property: Trade Secrets & Unfair Competition

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These types of claims are usually business on business lawsuits. They involve employees jumping ship and going to work for a competitor.

Anytime your former employee takes what you consider to be your confidential or private information and then uses it to compete against you – to solicit your clients for example – you have a misappropriation of trade secrets/unfair competition issue. Or vice versa: if you take on an employee and they disclose your competitor’s trade secret information you could be sued.

We help you protect your trade secrets through written agreements and evaluate your exposure whether you are the victim of trade secrets misappropriation and unfair competition or the accused. And if representation in court is necessary, we will aggressively represent your interests.

It is critical to act quickly if you feel your trade secrets are being used to compete against you. Call or e-mail us now.

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