Wage & Hour Law: Navigating Overtime, Rest/Meal Breaks, Exempt vs. Non-Exempt

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This is a key area of the law. Much to our continued surprise most employers do not understand the basics. As a result we advise businesses on wage and hour issues almost on a daily basis.

What are the issues? Overtime, calculation of the proper “regular rate” for overtime, rest/meal periods, exempt versus non-exempt status, outside sales exception, minimum wage issues, maintaining accurate time records, rounding practices, working off the clock, timing of payment of wages, commissions/bonuses, unlawful deductions, waiting time penalties under Labor Code section 203, required reimbursement under Labor Code section 2802, and Labor Commissioner conferences and hearings, just to name a few.

We would be willing to bet if we walked into any small/medium business we would find non-compliance issues. This is how wide-spread these problems are.

If you are not certain that you understand all of the above issues, call or e-mail us now for a free consultation. Failure to comply can have devastating consequences.

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