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Vision Law® Corporation represents employers. We are here to help you succeed in business.

Our advice and litigation defense attorneys are experienced former “big firm lawyers” usually with 10 year’s minimum experience representing management in employment and labor law matters.

Our firm is non-traditional, collaborative and innovative. We don’t just say we are different – our approach, including our patented monthly flat fee legal advice programs and our Share In The Risk Litigation Defense Program®, puts our money where our mouth is. We provide true value by delivering sound legal advice at an affordable monthly flat rate designed to prevent employee lawsuits.  And when a lawsuit is absolutely unavoidable we provide results oriented lawsuit defense where we focus on your goals, not ours, and help get you out of the case as soon as possible with the least overall cost.

Our employment and labor lawyers understand business, strategy, risk and cost-benefit. And we act accordingly in representing your best interests.

If you are serious about avoiding employee lawsuits or you have been sued and need aggressive yet efficient litigation defense, our attorneys are here to help. E-mail or call us now.

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