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Jennifer Hinds: Employment and Labor Litigation Attorney - Vision Law

What Makes Attorney Jennifer Hinds Uniquely Qualified To Represent You? Jennifer Hinds is experienced in management side aspects of employment and labor litigation matters, including single plaintiff harassment, discrimination, misclassification, and wrongful termination claims, as well as class action and Private Attorneys’ General Act (PAGA) lawsuits involving wage and hour and background check claims against California and nationwide employers. She has represented Fortune 100 companies in state and federal court in matters involving claims of unpaid wages, exempt status, breach of contract, wrongful termination, harassment…Read More

Kevin Chaffin: Litigation Attorney - Vision Law

What Makes Attorney About Kevin Chaffin Uniquely Qualified To Represent You? Kevin Chaffin is a nationally recognized litigator with a track record of success in the courtroom, arbitration and mediation. He has represented clients as Defendants and Plaintiffs in employment and business litigation. As a trial lawyer, Kevin has won every one of his jury trials. As General Counsel for a publicly traded company, he has been a trusted partner to C-level leaders and key stakeholders and recognized for serving as corporate counsel to national…Read More

Ellen Arabian-Lee: Litigation Attorney - Vision Law

What Makes Attorney Ellen Arabian-Lee Uniquely Qualified To Represent You? Ellen is an experienced litigator who has handled mediations, arbitrations and trials in both State and Federal Court for over 30 years. Ellen has a broad litigation background, defending individuals, insurance companies, public entities, non-profits, retail stores and self insured entities against employment related, property damage, construction defect, personal injury and products liability claims. She also provides General Counsel services to non-profit organizations and other businesses both small and large. Ellen handles employment law matters…Read More

Scott Shibayama: employment and labor law - Vision Law

Dedicated Representation For Small Business Employers Small businesses are at the heart of California’s economic power, yet they remain some of the most vulnerable to employee litigation. Massive Fortune 500 companies can afford large law firms to build up their defenses. (I know, because I used to work in one of them.) Meanwhile, small businesses are left to the mercy of complex laws, greedy employees, and dishonest lawsuits… Not on my watch. Proactive Defense And Affordable Litigation Resolution I created Vision Law® with the goal…Read More

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