The Blog: Harassment

California and federal law prohibit Unlawful Harassment in the workplace. The law requires you as an employer to be proactive in preventing harassment, investigating claims of harassment, taking appropriate corrective action if harassment occurs. Our lawyers help California employers establish policies and procedures to minimize the risk of litigation related to unlawful harassment related to age, sex, religion, race, disability and a variety of other classifications. We also can provide training and even defend companies against harassment accusations.

Maintain Privacy of Workplace Investigations

Some Complaints Need Legal Investigation
Business owners in California have to deal with employees who complain about violations of their rights, harassment, discrimination, retaliation, complaints about break times and we’re just getting started. It’s tough enough for small businesses just to keep track of all the legal rules when it comes to their employees. Then, when an employee says that the …

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Avoiding Sexual Harassment Liability

This is a recurring workplace issue that continues to surprise us.  We would think after all the sex harassment publicity it would not be a Top 10 employment and labor law issue.
As a small/medium business owner, you have a target on your back.  But even if you behave yourself, your supervisors and other employees can still create legal liability for …

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Unlawful Harassment

In California, your company has legal obligations with regard to unlawful harassment:

You must take steps to prevent unlawful harassment from occurring
You have a duty to promptly investigate claims of unlawful harassment
You have a duty to take immediate and appropriate corrective action if you find that unlawful harassment has occurred
If your company has more than 50 employees, you must also train …

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