The Blog: Wrongful Termination / Retaliation / Whistleblowing

Between state and federal labor and employment laws, the amount of legal knowledge required to run your business is staggering. Employee termination and discipline are two areas with countless legal landmines for you as an employer. One misstep and your company faces litigation related to Wrongful Termination / Retaliation / Whistleblowing. In order to avoid these lawsuits, well-prepared managers consult with employment attorneys to assure that proper procedure is followed at every step.

Avoid “Whistleblower” Liability Under Labor Code 1102.5

Imagine this scenario:
One of your employees receives an expensive ring for her 25th wedding anniversary. She wears the ring to work every day. On an otherwise normal Monday, the ring goes missing. The employee suspects a coworker and files a police report. On at least two occasions, officers show up to investigate and question you and your employees. Naturally, you …

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New Law 2014 – Immigration/Retaliation (AB 263)

Federal immigration law makes it unlawful for employers (including those in California) to hire and retain workers who are not permitted to work in the United States (including within the state of California).
California law under AB 263 makes it unlawful for California employers (all of whom must comply with federal immigration law) to engage in “unfair immigration-related practices.”  “Unfair immigration-related …

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Whistle Blowing and Retaliation

Discrimination Claims with a Spin…and Then Some

To make sure California management and business owners “get it,” federal and state laws create variations on the theme of unlawful discrimination. Not only is it unlawful for business to take adverse action against an employee because of a protected class, it is unlawful for management to take action against an employee for …

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