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At Vision Law® Corporation, we believe that California business owners should not have to worry about employee claims or lawsuits. So we have created a simple, common-sense approach to preventing legal challenges and liabilities for your business that’s actually affordable, and won’t get in the way of what’s most important to you – growing your business. We believe it is one of the most innovative legal protection programs ever created for California small and medium businesses.

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In California, all we hear about is “employees’ rights.” Well, what about employers’ rights?

It’s about time we employers took control over our workplaces. Here’s a reminder of what hardworking entrepreneurs and small/medium business owners are entitled to in their workplaces:

  1. To hire and retain great employees while de-hiring the rest
  2. To set expectations and expect employees to meet them
  3. To hold employees accountable to your expectations
  4. To require employees to show up and do their job
  5. To expect employees to value the employment you provide at least a little
  6. To be free from bad attitude entitled employees
  7. To not feel you are walking on eggshells in your own workplace
  8. To have confidence in disciplining and terminating employees
  9. To have a lawsuit-free workplace
  10. To have an employment lawyer in your back pocket to back you up

All of the above requires knowledge of the laws:

  • The law of “at-will” employment, meaning both you and your employee are free to terminate the employment relationship at any time.
  • Leave laws – what the law requires – and what it does not – so you can maximize employee time and attendance at work with confidence.
  • Wage and hour laws – things that should be simple, such as minimum wage, overtime, rest periods, meal periods, wage statements, timing of payment of final wages, are detailed and complex under California law. Knowing the rules can spare you tons of money and stress.
  • Wrongful termination, discrimination, and retaliation laws and knowing how to manage for success or cut your losses while reducing your employee legal risk without your employee setting you up first.
  • Trade secret law so you can maximize your protection of your proprietary information and systems and minimize the risk of employee theft of same and unfair competition against your business.
  • Class action and representative actions law, and how to protect your business through binding arbitration agreements that can reduce your class action legal risk, especially for wage and hour legal claims.

Vision Law® is offering a FREE 30-minute labor law consultation for California employers.

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If your issue has anything to do with labor laws such as legal hiring, firing and discipline, payment of wages, including overtime, rules on rest/meal periods, the Labor Commissioner, the EDD or unemployment insurance, harassment, discrimination and retaliation, employment contracts, leave laws, salary versus hourly, theft of confidential information and trade secrets, independent contractors versus employee status or other employment laws, please request a free consultation.

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