The Blog: Discipline / Termination

Many California and federal laws impact your Labor Code section 2922 right as an employer to terminate your employees “at-will.” These laws are contained in the California Constitution, and California and federal statutes, regulations, and cases (called the “common law”). The most common claims relating to discipline and termination are wrongful demotion or termination, retaliation, discrimination, wrongful termination in violation of public policy, and breach of express or implied contracts to termination only for “good cause.”

Social Media for Employers – Too Much Risk for the Reward?

Suppose you own a restaurant. To drive sales and improve customer satisfaction, you set up a company Twitter account to notify customers of deals and to allow for feedback. One day, your manager (who monitors the account) notices an employee of yours has been posting critical remarks about management. For example, after a customer posts a statement of gratitude for …

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Avoid “Whistleblower” Liability Under Labor Code 1102.5

Imagine this scenario:
One of your employees receives an expensive ring for her 25th wedding anniversary. She wears the ring to work every day. On an otherwise normal Monday, the ring goes missing. The employee suspects a coworker and files a police report. On at least two occasions, officers show up to investigate and question you and your employees. Naturally, you …

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Inside Scoop – Employment Law Continuing Education Part 2

Here’s more inside scoop from the continuing education course on employment and labor law for attorneys I recently attended. 
This a continuation of Part 1.  Read Part 3.
Lessons learned, Part 2:
Employee Documentation
What am I talking about here?  I’m talking about HR Legal employee documentation.  This was a recurring theme throughout the course.  It’s a theme that is so basic to me …

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How to Avoid Wrongful Termination Claims

In matters of employment law, employers can make serious mistakes during the hiring process, during the employment, and when an employee is terminated. Many of these problems can be avoided through the development and implementation of sound employment policies and procedures, ongoing legal consultation, and common sense practice. At Vision Law® Corporation, we advise clients in ways to:

Terminate an employee …

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