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How to Avoid Wrongful Termination Claims

In matters of employment law, employers can make serious mistakes during the hiring process, during the employment, and when an employee is terminated. Many of these problems can be avoided through the development and implementation of sound employment policies and procedures, ongoing legal consultation, and common sense practice. At Vision Law® Corporation, we advise clients in ways to:

  • Terminate an employee within the terms of the law
  • Avoid wrongful termination lawsuits
  • Avoid accusations of sexual harassment and discrimination
  • Create productive work environments which encourage tolerance and good will

Properly Terminating an Employee

Even experienced managers dislike terminating employees. In addition to the emotional turn these situations sometimes take, the firing manager often has a feeling of personal and professional failure. If the termination is not handled properly and fairly, the employer risks labor law violations and the prospect of a wrongful termination lawsuit.

As highly experienced employment law attorneys, Vision Law® can help your company in terminations, employee misconduct, and employee leaves that comply with the law, minimize the potential for a lawsuit, and maintain the morale and productivity of continuing employees.

When you wish to terminate executive or professional employees, we can negotiate severance agreements that can avoid litigation and provide smooth transitions of operations and management responsibilities to other employees.

As in all employment law matters, proper preparation and planning can make all the difference. Vision Law® Corporation can help you with sound advice in termination and other employment decisions.

Vision Law® Corporation provides a range of consultation services and training designed to avoid problems in these areas. As experienced employment lawyers, we can advise in all matters relating to employment and labor law, including wrongful termination, sexual harassment prevention, and Title VII discrimination prevention.

Not only can we help prevent legal fallout from such matters, we can help you establish a productive work environment for you and your employees.

Vision Law® Corporation believes employers can save time, money, and unnecessary disruption to their business through effective, proactive efforts. That is why we have created our innovative fee program for employers. We invite you to consider how cost-effective representation could save your company millions, or simply save your company.