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Summary: LC 1182.12 Reminder CA Minimum Wage Goes Up January 1, 2018 Time To Redo Your Job Applications AB 168 California Employers Cannot Ask for Salary Information or Rely On Salary Info In Hiring Decision or Salary Decision AB 1008 California Employers Cannot Ask For Any Conviction History…Read More

Arbitration is a critical tool for California and small and medium businesses to deal with the escalating costs of traditional litigation. Arbitration allows employer-employee disputes to be resolved in a quicker, less formal manner. That does not sit well with many judges and plaintiff’s attorneys,…Read More

Employee handbooks are an essential legal document that every California small and medium business (SMB) should have. An effective employee handbook spells out what you expect from your employees and helps protect your business from potential lawsuits. But if you want an enforceable arbitration agreement…Read More

Arbitration has always been a controversial issue in California employment law. State judges are typically more hostile towards private arbitration agreements than federal courts. This puts a burden on employers, who must fight just to enforce arbitration agreements that their employees agreed to. But even…Read More

Some Complaints Need Legal Investigation Business owners in California have to deal with employees who complain about violations of their rights, harassment, discrimination, retaliation, complaints about break times and we’re just getting started. It’s tough enough for small businesses just to keep track of all the…Read More

Don’t Sit On California’s Employee-Seating Requirement Are you complying with California labor law’s seating requirement? Perhaps the question surprises you. Most California wage orders require an employer to provide “suitable seats” when the “nature” of an employee’s job “reasonably permits” their use. The California Supreme Court recently…Read More

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